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     Touring Australian theatres in 2021

"A powerhouse

"A Triumph "


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                 Globally Endorsed by the 
        Worldwide Helen Reddy Fan Club 

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"One of the most accomplished and entertaining

tributes I have ever seen"

Glenn A Baker 


"Bennett’s creation is truly masterful "                                                                   Sydney Chic Magazine

From Australian single mother to Global Feminist Icon and International Superstar, this is the story of one woman who helped to change the world for women everywhere.

Starring internationally acclaimed singer & actress, Nikki Bennett, INVINCIBLE is the remarkable story of Helen Reddy, trailblazing feminist icon and  International Queen of 70s Pop. 

In 1972 Helens massive hit,  I Am Woman, exploded onto the world stage. 

Within a year she had placed 3 number singles hits on the US Billboard charts, six more in the top ten and was the first Australian to ever win a Grammy Award.

At the same time she became a resounding voice of the global women's liberation movement..

As one of the highest selling female artists in the world, Helen hosted her own show on US  television, played to sold out international concert houses, starred in major Hollywood movies and dazzled Vegas 

But, if her musical career was astounding,  her life was an inspirational story of survival.

With a powerful gift for bringing the stories of iconic women to the stage, singer and actress Nikki Bennett weaves Helen"s greatest hits through an impeccably crafted and globally endorsed script. The result is an unforgettable journey through the life of a legend,. This is  a  story of never giving up on your dreams, never taking no for an answer and fighting, with your very last breath, for everything you have been told you can’t have.


Watch Nikki's TV interview

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